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How to Deter Pushout Theft

A retailer has options to place obstacles in a store to discourage would-be pushout theft shoplifters. A retailer can install anti-theft hardware and/or create persuasive anti-theft messaging for employees and customers.

Anti-Theft Hardware Solutions

Installed equipment deter theft by calling attention to a pushout shoplifter when he or she is in the act of stealing. By calling attention to a shoplifter, he or she will hopefully stop and abandon the unpaid merchandise. Even if a shoplifter is still determined to steal regardless of the attention with the proper equipment he or she can be documented to be used for future reference by the retailer and authorities. The following are the various available hardware options in the loss prevention market:

  • Anti-Theft System Kits

  • Alarms

  • Cameras

  • Security Mirrors

  • Merchandise Security

    • EAS Tags

    • Detachers and Deactivators

    • Recoilers/Tethers

    • Security Cases

    • Cable Wraps

    • Secure Hooks

Anti-Theft Messaging Solutions

Unique messaging that deters theft by warning would be pushout shoplifters of an anti-theft presence as well as provide a blueprint for store personnel on how to properly handle pushout theft shoplifters. Warning potential shoplifters is usual in the form of signage placed in very visible sections of the store. Signage examples include “Warning: Security Cameras in Use” and “Warning: This Property is Protected by Security Patrol”. Alerting potential shoplifters of an anti-theft presence causes him or her to realize that a store will not be an easy target and hopefully leading them to abandon the desire to steal.

Messaging for store personal is usual in the form of training and education. Employee training and education outline steps on how store employees can be on the lookout for pushout shoplifters and then what to do when shoplifting is happening. Certain retailers will designate a group of employees to be trained as loss prevention members who receive exclusive anti-theft training and education. Loss prevention employees can be observed at a store’s exits.

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